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How to Put On a Duvet Cover

While caring for a duvet cover is easy, putting a duvet cover on after wash is not so simple. 

1.      The Traditional Way:
a.       Lay the comforter flat on top of your mattress.
b.      Take your duvet cover and turn it inside out.
c.       With your hands inside the duvet cover, reach down to grab hold of the comforter’s top two corners.
d.      Holding the top two corners tightly, flip the duvet cover right side out over the comforter. Give it a shake and a fluff until the duvet cover falls down to cover most of the comforter.
e.       Pull the duvet cover down. Stuff the bottom two corners of the comforter inside the bottom two corners of the duvet cover. Once everything is aligned, zip it up!

2.      The California Roll Way:
a.       Take your duvet cover from the dryer and turn it inside out. Lay the duvet cover out on top of your bed.
b.      Take your comforter and place it on top of the duvet cover.
c.       If your duvet cover comes with corner ties, tie all interior corner ties of the duvet cover to the loops on the comforter.
d.      Once aligned, stand opposite of the opening of the duvet cover and begin to roll the comforter and duvet cover.
e.       After everything is completely rolled up, grab hold of one end of the roll. Using the enclosure of the duvet cover, stuff the comforter roll inside. Continue the motion across the entire roll.
f.       Zip up the duvet cover. Position the California Roll on the bed so that the zipper enclosure is aligned with the bottom of the bed.
g.      Start unrolling. The unrolling motion should be a mixture of unrolling and pulling apart the duvet cover from the roll.
h.      Give the duvet cover a few shakes and that’s it!

What Are The Measurements Of A King Size Duvet?

The typical king size duvet is approximately 108 inches by 94 inches. However, because king size beds vary in size, the matching duvets also show a fair amount of variation in size. American king size beds come in two basic sizes. The standard king size bed, sometimes known as the Eastern king, is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. The California king size bed is narrower but longer, at 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. A standard European king size duvet, at 86 inches by 90 inches, would therefore not come close to covering an American king size bed adequately.

Myrtle Beach Hotels

Price is often one of the most important factors in choosing a hotel. Keep in mind a few things about price:
1.      Average Prices: the price shown is an average based on upcoming available rooms.
2.      Room Types: a high price may also indicate that only more expensive room types — i.e. a 4-bedroom suite — are available in the near future, which can bump up the price.

Candid reviews from previous visitors are a great way to learn more about the hotel you're considering. Your feedback can help future visitors find a great place at the beach!

Myrtle Beach is home to major attractions, so many people choose to book a hotel room near the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. 

Nearby Landmark Resort Essentials

1.      Grocery Stores:
a.       Food Lion, located on 1430 South Kings Highway is just a two-minute drive from Landmark Resort.
b.      Piggly Wiggly, is less than a ten-minute drive from Landmark and is located in the heart of The Market Common across from Valor Park. The address is 1220 Moser Drive, Myrtle Beach. The hours of operation are 6:30 am - 10:00 pm, Sunday through Thursday and 6:30 am - 11:00 pm, Friday and Saturday. 

2.      Pharmacies: CVS, is located approximately twelve minutes away from Landmark Resort by car. 

3.      Beach Stores Galore. Shopping till you drop is easy in Myrtle Beach and even easier when you stay at Landmark, is central to all of the favored and best beach stores on the Grand Strand:
a.       Wings Beachwear, is just a 3-minute drive from Landmark and here you will find all the vacation essentials including gifts, beach toys, towels, souvenirs and much more.  The address is 301 S Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach.
b.      Eagles Beachwear, is another all you can want beach shop located about 5 minutes north of Landmark Resort.  The address is 1900 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach.

Bedding Sizing & Information Guide

What size duvet do I need for a King Single Bed?
The correct size is a double duvet cover, this is a great fit for King Single beds, measurements are 180 x 210 cm. 

Do I use Double Sheets on a King Single bed?
Double sheets do not fit a King Single bed and you need to purchase King Single sheets.

Your Guide to Buying the Right Size Duvet
Duvets are large, loosely quilted bed covers traditionally filled with down. When shopping for a duvet, it is important to find the right size. Additional considerations include filling material and warmth level. Purchasing a duvet can be an investment, and quality duvets should last for years. Informed shoppers will find it easier to pinpoint the right duvet for them.

With many different bed sizes on the market, taking bed measurements is an important step in the process of finding the right duvet size. Duvets are sized to fit on top of the bed, without draping over. 

Duvets come in several sizes, each specified for a certain bed size. Buyers should take care to note the duvet’s exact dimensions and compare them with those of their bed. For cot beds, shoppers may have less of a selection. 

The different variables determine how the filling is held in place across the duvet, and affect the product’s warmth, comfort, and cost. Duvets with channel construction feature several seams that run lengthwise, dividing it into channels. 
Sewn-through construction means that the duvet features seams that sew both sides of the shell together. As opposed to sewn-through construction, baffle construction features strips of fabric within the duvet itself, acting as walls to keep the feathers in place. Baffle construction is important for duvets with a higher tog rating.

Choosing a filling material for a duvet is a large part of the selection process. Goose down is more lightweight than duck down, and goose-down duvets are often regarded as a height of luxurious bedding. In general, down duvets have some mix of down and feathers. Higher-quality duvets have a higher percentage of down.

A duvet’s warmth is measured in togs. The higher the tog rating, the greater the duvet’s ability to trap warm air. Tog ratings apply to down, wool, and synthetic filling. Some manufacturers make duvets designed to be used year-round. 

Duvets are a warm, simple form of bedding that can offer the warmth of sheets, blankets, and quilts in one lightweight cover. For these reasons, duvets have enjoyed enduring popularity.

Before shopping for a duvet, buyers should measure their bed’s proportions. Finally, if the bed is shared and partners tend to need more blanket space, they should choose a duvet one size larger than what is recommended for their bed’s proportions.

Traditionally, duvets are down-filled, although there are many choices for filling, including wool, silk, and synthetics. A duvet’s ability to trap warmth is measured in togs, with lower ratings like 3 indicating a lightweight cover, and 10.5, 13.5, indicating a toasty duvet.